Terre D’Hermes | Best Hermes perfume for him

  • Light and bright fragrance.
  • Dry and spicy
  • Theme:  orange, pepper, vetiver,  grapefruit, cedar wood and a couple of other citruses
  • Transparent citrus quality.
  • Versatile
  • Geared towards high class, elegance and sophistication

KSh 16,000


Terre D’Hermes perfume is produced by house of Hermes, a French manufacturer of luxury goods founded in 1837. Their first perfume was released in 1949. Terre d’ Hermes is their flagship masculine fragrance.
In French, Terre is earth, which means that the fragrance has an earthy aura

It has a classy packaging made of glass and a silver top. The top and cap opens with a twist

According to the creator, Terre D’Hermes is supposed to smell like lying on the ground, feeling the earth while gazing at the sky.

On top there is grapefruit and orange, in the middle there is gun flint and peppers, pink peppercorn geranium leaves, patchouli and bay rose while the base has cedar vetiver and gum benzoin.

Terre d’ Hermes is a masculine woody and dirty orange fragrance It is a sophisticated and classy vetiver based fragrance with a heavy dose of orange note. It is made of high quality and luxurious vetiver and is the best mainstream vetiver in general. Vetiver is known to be extremely woody. The fragrance has a strict, corporate and masculine note. It is suited for mature men and is geared towards wealthy, premium and high net-worth people. It is good for people who want to be different.

It is a well crafted, less shouty, well balanced fragrance. It is highly versatile and can be worn for a job interview, work environment, night out, weddings, romantic setting or summer holiday. It can also be worn in a casual setting where you don’t want to appear overly seductive. It is good for daytime, evening, summer and winter.

Terre D’Hermes line of fragrances

Terre D’Hermes EAU de toilette (EDT)

This is the DNA of Terre D’ Hermes fragrance. It was released in 2006. It smells dirty orange. It has an orange note with an earthy, woody and a nice vetiver undertone. It is in the middle in terms of wearability. It has a dry quality that comes from the woods. It is the best for a unique refined man. It has a longevity of about 8 – 9 hours and a moderate projection. This fragrance leaves a nice set trail.

Terre D’Hermes Parfum

This is a pure parfum released in 2009. It has a bitter earthy orange with a more woody quality and dryness than the original EDT. It has less but still prominent orange. It is a more woody version or a darker tone of the original EAU de toilette. It is masculine fragrance. Its longevity is around 10 to 11 hours on average and has relatively low projection. It is great for the work environment.

Terre D’Hermes Tres fraiche

This fragrance was released in 2014. It is a lighter and more watery version of the original EDT. It is mostly a bright citrus fragrance. It is good for summer. Its Longevity is about 6 -7 hours and has a low to medium projection, more than the parfum but less than EDT.

Terre D’Hermes EAU Intense Vetiver

EAU intense vetiver was released in 2018 . It has citrus notes like lemon bergamot and grapefruit instead of the signature orange found in the other fragrances of this same line of Terres D’ Hermes. This means that the dirty orange smell is less pronounced. It has a dry and peppery quality. In comparison to the original EDT, it has a more vetiver note and less zesty dirty orange. Its  longevity is about 9 hours on average with a low to medium projection.


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